Saturday, April 25, 2015

Someone, by Alice McDermott

I have been reading relatively light "popular fiction" recently (as my stress at work increases the "weight" of my reading selections decreases).  I listened to this audio book because I was between titles and decided it was time for a break (and it was available).

Now I am going to have to reread parts of it (and probably obtain a paper copy). 

This is a complex tale told in a non-linear style.  In ways it makes the story even more engrossing.  You aren't completely anxious about the well being of the characters and can really appreciate the nuances of character, plot and setting.  The time frame spans the early Twentieth Century.  The main character, Marie, and Irish Catholic girl living in Brooklyn in many ways resonates with my own families.  She is of an age with my mother.  I married into a large Irish Catholic family (with some Germans thrown in).  I have not ties to Brooklyn but I certainly appreciate the great changes that have come into women's lives in the 20th and 21st centuries. 

A well told tale! 

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