Friday, February 19, 2010

An Echo in the Bone, by Diana Gabaldon

Highlanders and time travel, what could be more fun. I had decided to stop reading this series because there was predictable explicit sex scenes too frequently. It's not that I was offended by them, just irritated. (Same reason that I've stopped reading Laurell Hamilton's vampire books.)

I needed an iPod book to get me through some house projects, so I downloaded this from Audible because it was long (and I had big projects). I was pleasantly surprised. Jamie and Claire are now living through the American Revolution and Brianna, Roger, and kids are in modern day Scotland. I enjoyed the book--but it ended with lots of loose strings. It means, I suppose, that we can expect an 8th book in the series.

At the end of the audio files Gabaldon talked about her historical research and where she departed from historical fact. If I were willing to make the time I'd do some additional reading to check out the facts. I have a cousin who has researched the Armstrong part of my family--Scotts in the North Carolina region. I should get out my DAR papers from my grandmother (mom and I passed) to see if somehow I am related to Jamie Fraser. That would make my son happy--what a role model!

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