Friday, February 19, 2010

Conference Bibliophile

I'm in Portland, Oregon at a reading association conference. The last speaker of the day was terrible so I decided to take the rest of the day off and go to Powell's Books. Those of you who don't know about Powell's, it's a wonderful bookstore (including used books) covering an entire city block in the northwest portion of downtown Portland.

I got a little lost on the light rail. No biggie--I got to see Portland State. After my trip to Powell's I stopped in at the Public Library. I've been trying to stop at public libraries in cities that I visit. It's interesting and feels like home. I got into a wonderful conversation with the children's librarian here in Portland. The library itself is wonderful--big windows (I'll need to find out what the name of these are) and some amazing steps, black polished ?granite? with really intricate carvings. I didn't bring my camera this trip and was pretty certain my cell phone camera wouldn't do them justice. Interesting note--the walls of the main rooms of the library are pink! Not that I'm judging--I just thought it was really interesting.

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