Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Wizard's First Rule, by Terry Goodkind

I bought this during "bargain sale" at the Audible site.  I listened to it as I walked, cleaned house, cooked dinner, and other activities.  Overall is was a good "listen" and encouraged me to get my exercise in.  This series is very popular.  I did note however that when it was first released Publisher's Weekly didn't give it a glowing review. 

The book is "epic" in scope and the series continues for eleven books.  I'm not certain I'm up for that much.  I was enjoying the book--although it was fairly predictable as far as "fantasy epics" go.  Then, near the end we ran into some sadomasochistic torture.  It discouraged me.  I was really enjoying the adventures of  Richard Cypher, Zedd and Kahlan.  If it weren't for the S&M near the end, it would be a book I could recommend to any teen who needed something after finishing Lord of the Rings. I won't be reading the next book right away.  Maybe an audio book for gym/greenbelt is something I will enjoy in the future, but I have quite a backlog of audio books from that Audible sale to get through. 

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