Sunday, February 5, 2012

Eyes Like Stars, by Lisa Matchev

I will be reading the others in the series.  But right now I'm picking up Patrick Rothfuss's next book The Wise Man's Fear.  At 993 pages I think it's going to take a while.  I'm also reading Janet Evanovich's new book (using my "read for free" option at Barnes and Nobel).  I may be tied up for a while.

I enjoyed this fantasy, set in a London theater.  However, as I read it I became increasingly concerned that teens wouldn't enjoy it.  The main character, Bertie, has been left with the theater stock company.  The "magical" actors, costume designer, house manager, etc. have raised her from childhood.  The actors and actresses are all confined to the theater and are primarily characters from Shakespearean plays.  Although I was enjoying the interactions between the characters, theater personnel and Bertie, I worried that few teens would have enough background knowledge to fully understand the plot and character development. 

Fortunately, I stopped to talk with one of my favorite book clerks (thanks Wally and Rediscovered Books) who told me that the series was one that has a great "niche" followings.  Apparently it is wildly popular with teens who are artistic.  Wally said, "A main character who dies her hair wild colors and blows things up--What's not to love!"  Put that way, I was more comfortable with the book.  

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