Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Lost Hero, by Rick Riordan

I can' wait for the next book!! Riordan just keeps getting better in his artful weaving of contemporary culture, issues of adolescents and coming of age, and Greek Mythology. Spreading across the United States and into Canada Riordan creates believable settings and dynamics against a background of mythology and supernatural events. This new series begins in a most promising manner with a new character, Jason, who arrives at Camp Half-blood with amnesia. The rest of the book takes our new set of demigods through a quest to free a goddess and once again save the world.

I made good use of my Scholastic Mythlopedia's (as set of 3 reference books about gods, goddesses, and their relations). Of course with myths Riordan's interpretations may not be the same as the authors of the Scholastic series--but the information does help flesh out some of the generally accepted "facts" about the various gods and goddesses.

This book with make a great gift to any 9-11 year old on your shopping list. I think it would also work from somewhat older students who have enjoyed the Percy Jackson series or who are fans of other books of mythology.

There are laugh out loud portions in the book. It would make a great read aloud with your own children.

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