Friday, September 3, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Good book. I have been working on meditation and being in the present for about 3 years now. Gilbert's saga of her year of self-discovery rang pretty true. (I wish I could find a publisher who would underwrite me for a year to do this sort of work. Their investment has clearly paid off!)

I might recommend this book to young adults, probably high school students. I'm not certain that many kids of this age are ready to contemplate these topics. But, it might be helpful if they already have such interests. In my area of the world I would need to be cautious about such recommendations. I expect that a number of religious organizations (that are all pretty influential around here) would object to influencing school-aged kids this way.

I am going to give my copy to my 23 year old daughter. I believe we'll start with the movie though.

I do have a question about Julia Roberts playing Elizabeth Gilbert--I'll add to this after I see it.

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