Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rain Gods, by James Lee Burke (2009)

I am a reader of the collected works of James Lee Burke. This title is not a "Dave Robicheau" book, rather one set in Texas. Burke began expanding his cast of characters to Billy Bob Holland and this book features Billy Bob's cousin "Hackberry Holland." For some Burke fans the Texas books weren't terribly satisfying, but I have enjoyed them. This book, Rain Gods, is one that I am giving my strongest recommendation. Burke's descriptions of the physical and meteorological settings are wonderful. The plot and resolution (which I won't spoil) are compelling.

Hackberry with an anonomyous phone tip, finds a mass grave filled with Asian women. In bringing the parties responsible to justice Holland moves through a cast of characters and situations that keeps the reader going and ultimately is completely satisfying.

Four Stars!

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