Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Intensity by Dean Koontz

This week (1/6/08) I've listened to Intensity by Dean Koontz. (I listen to lots of audiobooks on my smart phone, downloaded for free from the public library.) This isn't one of my favorite Koontz novels. I think we was trying to make us feel the sense of intensity that his villain craved. I felt more like it was too much action and not enough plot. Earlier in December I listened to False Memory. This had a great deal more plot and just as much action.

Would I use these books in the secondary classroom? I would like them to be available for students and would recommend them, but I don't think I would use any of them for a whole class or even small group reading. They are good reads and Koontz certainly is an entertaining writer--but I'd prefer to spend class time/my energies on something with greater social value. As an alternative--Laurie R. King's books have plot, strong writing, excitement and students would learn a lot about different religions and historical periods.

I would recommend these books to students who enjoy thrillers and mysteries. They will expand their vocabularies and also learn a lot about Southern California. I will say I would consider some of his Brother Odd, or Seize the Night (Christopher Snow series) for their science content.

I have quite a bit of reading to do from Koontz's collection. I just read his biography on NoveList and am going to follow up on his YA books. He has won an amazing number of awards and managed to be self-supporting as a novelist after just 4 years of full-time writing. FYI--he began life as an English Teacher! I also just checked out his website. One of the better ones I've visited. Take a look at .

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