Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Fire Touched, by Patricia Briggs

I enjoy Brigg's books--all of them!   She writes a number of fantasy series and all are well written and engaging.  Yes there are werewolves and shape-changers as well as a variety of supernatural creatures and ancient gods!  But, the books have good narrative arcs and a number of well rounded characters.

But, I am embarrassed by the covers.  I actually found myself turning the book face-down in doctor's offices and coffee shops when I was not actually reading.  If you look at the covers you will probably expect a fantasy romance novel.  There is little if any "romance" other than the developing relationships between main characters--the normal romance found in most novels.

What do I like about these books?  Well, ancient gods always appeal to me!  I'm fascinated by our mythologies and the "character" of the gods, demi-gods, and other "divine" beings.  This series, along with the Iron Druid, Artemis Fowl, The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flammel, and Percy Jackson series as well as individual titles such as American Gods have pulled me into a wide range of mythologies.  Brigg's books are set in Southeastern Washington State (the tri-cities area) and thus also resonate with my northwestern US home.  Her details of the setting and region throughout this series may enhance your enjoyment of the books if you are familiar with the area.  If you are not, then they may encourage you to come visit!

It's a great summer read (and you can create a book cover to hide the cover image!).  In this case don't be fooled by the cover.

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