Saturday, February 15, 2014

The October List, Jeffery Deaver (2013)

I apologize for being so quiet.  I have been reading!  Some haven't been worth the blog space.  (I actually quit reading a book--good heavens!  I don't think I'll share the title, it was a great disappointment from a favorite author.  Just a hint--watch out for successful authors who begin to write co-authored books in which they are the second author!)

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I began composing (in my mind) a negative review of the book.  I thought Deaver had jumped into a writing experiment that spun out of control.  If you pick up the book--be warned.  At first you'll think Deaver has gone over the edge.  About one third of the way in you'll get hooked.  By the end you'll be breathless.

I got this as an audio book.  (Old age is not kind.  If you want to live to read all the books on your list you have to start walking while reading so that you can live long!)  For a bit of time I thought it was the audio format that was diminishing my enjoyment.  That turned out not to be true--but be warned.  There are photographs that accompany the book.  I could have looked at PDF files that were included in the audio book, but my library loan period expired before I got to opening that file.  A great reason to visit my local bookseller!

I can't say much about the book--it would spoil it.  The story starts and the end and then works backward.  Deaver will keep you reading!  I recommend planning to lose track of time (or walk a few extra miles like I did!)  The plot begins with a single mom whose daughter is kidnapped.  It sounds predictable--but is far from it.

I'd love to use this as a cross-over adult/YA book.  There are a couple of topics introduced that might make some students uncomfortable.  Make certain you read it first.  If you want to explore issues of narrative structure and text complexity this book is a great example of how limited CCSS and most "curriculum" is.  Authors are endlessly inventive!

Kudos Mr Deaver!

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