Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Reluctant Assassin, by Eoin Colfer

I am generally an Eoin Colfer fan.  However, this book did not really grab me.  Typically I really like books set in the Victorian Era.  But this one didn't really seem to settle down.

The basic plot line has to do with time travel, the FBI, and folks trying to kill each other.  Basically the Victorian aspects were quite authentic enough for me and the time travel/ FBI plotting wasn't compelling enough.  I think sometimes Colfer gets too involved with the sci-fi gizmos and loses a strong plot line.  Perhaps in the second book the characters will be more fully developed as was the case with the Artemis Fowl cast. 

The reviews from the professional reviewers were much more positive than mine.  I will admit that I was listening to an audio book rather than reading words on the page.  I could be that I was just too distracted by intruding thoughts to become an involved reader.  The reviews on Barnes & Noble suggest that this book is perhaps not getting much readership.  There are only 11 reviews with a 4.5 (out of 5) average.

Good Reads had similar results to my own with a larger sample size:

91% of people liked it
All editions:3.69 average rating, 1017 ratings, 189 reviews, added by 5286 people, 870 to-reads
This edition:3.70 average rating, 847 ratings, 141 reviews, added by 4241 people

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