Monday, January 14, 2013

Bone Bed, by Patricia Cornwell


I am a devoted Cornwell reader, but was concerned by early reviews of her book.  Consequently I used my Nook "read for free" option for this book.  I'm afraid that I agree with the early reviews.

This began as a typical (and enjoyable) Scarpetta book.  I was enjoying exploring her new offices and catching up with the other characters' lives in this repertoire series.  Unfortunately the ending of the book was very unsatisfying.  I think all the pieces were in place to have a typical race-to-the-finish ending, but it wasn't delivered.  Cornwell finished the book most abruptly.  It almost feels as if she had hit her publisher's deadline and tied it all up as quickly as possible.

I hope that the next Scarpetta book is finished a little more carefully.  I will look for early reviews before I decide whether or not to purchase it.

Have you read this?  I'd love to hear from my followers to see if I was alone in my disappointment.  Leave a comment!

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