Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ashfall, by Mike Mullin

Tanglewood Press: 2012

This was one of those books that cause me to read late into the night and put my work aside.  It is an apocalyptic story--Yellowstone, the super volcano, erupts and life as we know it ends.  The story follows high school student Alex Halprin, as he travels cross country in hopes of reuniting with his family.  His parents and sister have traveled from their home in Cedar Falls, Iowa to Warren, Illinois to visit Alex's uncle on his farm.  Through the journey we meet the usual challenges of the apocalypse.  Alex meets both helpful and life-threatening folks who are also struggling to survive in the wreckage of the world.

The story was especially enjoyable for me since Alex had to travel through the landscape and cities that I know from my young adult life.  He passes close to the farm we lived on while my children were born.

I found a few of the events in the book a bit "over done."  Of course, none of us know how humans will react to such a disaster.  I hope we do better than Mullin envisions.

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