Sunday, October 28, 2012

Will Grayson, Will Grayson, by John Green and David Leviathan

Those of you familiar with David Leviathan's writings will not be surprised that gay teens are some of the main characters in this book. That being said, this is a book that I would be most interested in trying out with a straight adolescent males. I also think that young women would enjoy it greatly.

Both Green and Leviathan have a wonderful ability to capture the angst of adolescent social relationships, both romantic and platonic.  They're also able to create extremely amusing scenes that turn on a point. Many readers will both laugh and cry on the same page. Something else that I appreciate about this book  is that contemporary parents and other adults are represented with empathy and sensitivity.

 Although the two Will Graysons are the main characters of the story, Tiny Cooper, a football player/playwright is equally important within the story. Although much of the plot focuses on romance, I believe that the primary theme has to do with friendship. Much of the plot centers around his dramatic aspiration but as both a playwright and producer of musicals.

Also important part of the book is Will Grayson's struggle with depression. I believe I detect John Green's influence here. Readers who have lived with a close friend or family member suffering from depression below find this a very helpful but look at the inside experience.

Some will undoubtedly suggest that the but story is too much like the popular television series " Glee." It does have similarities, but I do believe that the authors' have also created a more nuanced look at friendships and romance. Certainly any adolescent who enjoys the television show will thoroughly appreciate this novel.

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