Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Vampirates:Tide of Terror, by Justin Somper

I enjoyed the first book in this series greatly. This second book was somewhat disappointing. At first I thought I was, perhaps, less engaged with the book because I listened to it on CD. But once I turned to the reviews I saw that I am not the only reader who was disappointed. The first book in the series was exciting and pulled you easily into the world of vampire/pirates who were generally good. This book sort of lost its direction by having too many threads to the plot.

I expect there will be some devoted readers of the series--Somper is now up to book number in the series. It's a series I would recommend only to readers who are obsessed with either pirates or vampires--but even so I would be cautious. I try to recommend books that I think are quality literature, even within a fantasy genre. I don't think this really fits.

Somper has tried to work in a mystery--who the Vampirate Captain actually is. I think I know the answer--but am tempted to read the rest of the series to discover the truth. Somper is from the UK and some readers may be able to detect the language and cultural differences. The series appears to be quite popular with kids.

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