Friday, August 22, 2008

The Cabinent of Curiosities, Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

This is 0ne of a series of books featuring "Special Agent Pendergast"of the FBI. As a popular fiction "crossover" (adult/young adult) book it is a good read. I am always looking for interdisciplinary connections. In this book I find connections to the study of historical New York City, biochemistry, genetics, and antiques. It is a book that would appeal to many high school students and some junior high. If you have students who are fans of the suspense or horror genre this is a book that is better written than many, could be "taught" in a classroom (it doesn't have too much sex or violence), and has some opportunities to engage students in additional reading and study.

I was in NYC this fall and have read many books set in New York including almost all of Edith Wharton. I enjoyed this--it takes me closer to Central Park and spans both contemporary and historical events. There is also some brief exploration of immigration and sweatshops. It is a minor component of the book, but is treated in enough detail to be helpful in a history class. (At least the beginning of the book which could then be offered as an out of class reading for those interested in finishing it.)

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